What is Hundenfolk?



At Hundenfolk, we strive to create products that not only look amazing but make a statement. We are rooted in the adventure lifestyle but also love to explore the concrete jungles of the city and create collections that look at home in the mountains and on the street. Every pattern, print and fabric is hand selected for its look and feel to help you and your dog make a bold statement. Our mission is to create unique and personal experiences for dogs and their owners, making each product by hand in our studio sunny Southern California. We believe that every dog should live its most enriching life. We hope that our products can help.

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The Spirit of Adventure

Rooted in the adventure lifestyle, Hundenfolk celebrates all things outdoors. We are inspired by a dog's relationship to the wild, and we thrive when we support their desire to explore it. Our intentions are to help you and your dog take in the great outdoors and celebrate every moment together. 

The Spirit of Giving

We are dedicated to helping every dog live its most enriching life. Hundenfolk supports local non-profit charities and other organizations by donating a portion of every item sold.

Hundenfolk Guarantee

We stand behind our products and care about where they end up when their life cycle comes to an end. We don't want your well-worn Hundenfolk gear to end up in the trash when you are ready to move on to something new.  So, send back your damaged product and we will send you a new one for 50% of the original price. Not ready to purchase something new? That's OK too; when we receive your worn or damaged product, we will send you a discount code for 50% off your next full-price purchase.

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